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    , W3bbo wrote


    Is that a threat?

    Will you follow the right-wing dream of taking your gun into congress?


    It is the typical statist mindset to think aggressive violence is the only way to solve problems (voting merely being an indirect form). No, I don't plan on attacking Washington, if that's what you mean. Quite the contrary, I'm waiting for her to destroy herself. As Rome, the USSR, and all empires went, so will she. History has predicted every crisis this country has gone through, so a little knowledge goes a long way here.

    However, life will be particularly difficult for those who refused to acknowledge this likelihood and would not prepare for life without a 'social safety net'. They will finally know what it is like to be powerless. And since they did it to themselves, I think I will be disinclined to help them out.

    (Well, in truth, I'm soft-hearted and compassionate, so I probably will help anyone I see suffering, but damn, they better finally show a little respect for the people who were courageous enough to acknowledge reality.)

    But anyway, feel free to misconstrue everything I say and consider me a right-wing terrorist or some self-serving bullocks.

    Cowardice flees the light of truth. Courage often stands alone.