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    Of course we're pissed at our fellow countrymen - look at what they've brought us to! And it doesn't mean we hate them; dogs are absolute dolts, but I personally am a huge humanitarian. Face the fact that the only reason your side gets to be all lovey-dovey with the masses is because you've managed to capture them with your ideology and made them your puppets. That is a sick form of compassion, my friend.

    And remember when Bush was president - the left was the most hateful group of people when it came to the rural majority! It was a nation-wide hate campaign. So your accusations are just a bunch of chicanery.

    Unlike the demogogues who are running the world into the ground, I don't claim to be an angel. My compassion can only extend so far. Why would I help someone who has actively undermined my freedom, and would continue to do so? You have to someday start living in the real world. There is a difference between real compassion and a master / servant relationship. However, I realize that a statist is fundamentally unable to make this distinction.

    Sadly, all normal avenues to freedom have been barricaded or are proving illusory. It is time to take up courage, accept the truth, and peacefully withdraw consent. This is the precise act of courage which is the only real backstop to tyranny. No, I don't deserve a sonnet, but I sure as **** don't deserve your ridicule either. Conversely, is there anything more cowardly than anonymously throwing stones at those who do stand up and speak out?

    When I speak I put my reputation on the line. Because things are going to hell so fast, I now consider it imperative. And I couldn't give a damn about your petty insults; it just gives me another chance to clarify