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If you had $100 billion, what would you do?

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  • giovanni

    Apple annonced what they are going to do with their spare change:

    What would you do if you (or better, your comany) had $100 billion? What would be your dream?

    I was a little disappointed, but not really surprised, that they decided to buy back some stock and give dividents. Why not start a filantropic or reasearch project?

    Personally I would like to move some of the industry infrastructure back in the US. Also, I think renewable energy sources would be an interesting objective. I am just dreaming of course.

  • SteveRichter

    What if Apple offers Anders $50 million to jump ship and work for them? ( or does he already make that much at MSFT? ) The logical thing for Apple to do is build its own .NET like framework.


  • Ray7

    @giovanni: I really don't see the point in giving a dividend. It's not as if they need to attract stock buyers.



  • Ray7

    , SteveRichter wrote

    What if Apple offers Anders $50 million to jump ship and work for them? ( or does he already make that much at MSFT? ) The logical thing for Apple to do is build its own .NET like framework.



    Mmm'okay.  Why though?


  • SteveRichter

    , Ray7 wrote



    Mmm'okay.  Why though?


    How does Apple continuously improve their products if not with better software? How to write better software without an increasingly comprehensive framework and first class programming language? Granted, this paradigm does not explain their tremendous success to date ...

  • raymond

    Solve the challenge of providing affordable clean water, sanitation, food, housing, clothing, health care and education to 5 billion humans.



  • Ray7

    , SteveRichter wrote

     Granted, this paradigm does not explain their tremendous success to date ...


    I think ObjectiveC is the most obnoxious language in popular use, and that doesn't stop thousands of developers picking it up. It's pretty hot in the jobs market too.

    It could be that they're using the language to make sure they only get the best and most dedicated.


  • Bas

    I'd convert it all to cash, buy a hill in the middle of town, have someone build me a massive building that will be able to hold three cubic acres of money, and install a diving board.

  • vesuvius

    @Bas: Somewhere like Edinburgh Castle

    Edinburgh Castle

    Image from wikipedia


  • Dr Herbie

    The thing is, it's the company that has this money, not an individual.

    There is no way the shareholders would let them get away with anything philanthropic -- they either had to spend it on assets, or give it to the shareholders.


  • Sven Groot

    @Bas: Bonus points if the hill is called Killmotor Hill. Smiley

  • Maddus Mattus

    I would do absolutely nothing different then what I am doing today.

    I would not even buy a castle.

    I would just show up at work in a Bugatti Veyron.

    Oh and buy my own Thorium reactor,.

  • 01001011

    Ultimately the best buy would have been to buy up Hollywood.

    They can't really say they don't know the well business well enough because they do with iTunes. True they would have a steep learning curve on the production side. Google would probably have the easiest time buying Hollywood as 50% of their programmers seem to double as film producers for some odd reason.

    Then you have the whole standard oil thing if they started buying studios.

    Ultimately, Hollywood is going to be fragmented and sold to the big 3 as more actors investing tech appear in games and muddy the waters between film and software entertainment.

    Microsoft won't be a player as usual, as they sit up in Redmond annexed, and their SoCal office is pretty much annexed as well. Microsoft can "do it better themselves" which means they try it privately, realize how lame they are compared to real professionals, then scrap the project before the public sees it. Halo movie anyone?

    Look at Laura before and after G4. You can't just lift people out of the environment and manufacture super teams. Microsoft doesn't get it. The result is not the sum of the parts in media.

    I think Google has the best shot at film and TV.

    It would have been nice to see Apple try with 100B

  • spivonious

    @1001011: Interesting. It would make sense for Apple to buy up one of the major studios, especially with the rumored Apple television.

    But personally, if I had a billion dollars, I'd

    • pay off the house ($150k)
    • buy a nice new car ($50k)
    • set up an investment of a few million that I could live off of ($3M)
    • travel around the world ($500k)
    • donate the rest
  • Dr Herbie

    @spivonious: I would personally do the same!  Except I would probably pay of my families mortgages as well as my own.



  • 01001011

    I thought this was a what do you think apple should have done topic?

    What would I do?

    I would set up a new website similar to except that would set my team up as the only source of accredited funding so we wouldn't have to change the law.

    I would then have a small team approve every single software startup from the entire state of California no matter how insane or young the team at a 51% stake for $100,000 on condition the founders have to stay full time for 2 years. I would then set up a bulletin board for them and make them pay penalties for not helping each other.

    In a few short years I would have a patent portfolio and software licensing business superior to any other. What is now will fade. What is come will conquer.

    Eventually one of those dudes will figure out how to federate Hollywood any damn way.

  • Maddus Mattus

    @Dr Herbie: Why settle for a couple of houses?

    Buy a whole country!

    I hear Greece is up for sale,..

  • 01001011

    In addition to my super IP warehouse idea, I would rent out office space in south China equal to a Walmart, and give the newly funded companies all the free Chinese programming resources they could ever want to develop the products. The free programming would not be factored into the 100k investment so they can focus on marketing.

    Programmers in CA make 100k+ and this would be a way to stop them from having an excuse to fund their friends' new sports cars

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