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View Thread: If you had $100 billion, what would you do?
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    I thought this was a what do you think apple should have done topic?

    What would I do?

    I would set up a new website similar to except that would set my team up as the only source of accredited funding so we wouldn't have to change the law.

    I would then have a small team approve every single software startup from the entire state of California no matter how insane or young the team at a 51% stake for $100,000 on condition the founders have to stay full time for 2 years. I would then set up a bulletin board for them and make them pay penalties for not helping each other.

    In a few short years I would have a patent portfolio and software licensing business superior to any other. What is now will fade. What is come will conquer.

    Eventually one of those dudes will figure out how to federate Hollywood any damn way.