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If you had $100 billion, what would you do?

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    on a small scale you can see how mini-boss VCs try to distort business owners at early stages on a show like Shark Tank. then multiply that by 10000 and you get the situation on wall street.

    jerry yang will forever be hated because he put his company before the investors. he didn't let the investors cash out on MSFT's dime before the market collapse. nobody really honestly cares about the company. it's all about flipping bills.

    as far as dividends most people will take a short sale over that any day.

    the biggest business is keeping the public from the reality of it all.

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    , 01001011 wrote

    the biggest business is keeping the public from the reality of it all.

    Sounds like you need to put your tin foil hat back on.

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    - takes tin foil hat off -

    because public board of director proxy fights with Steve Ballmer and Carl Icahn always help things and they're so cheap.

    The consumer is exposed to it all because it's so transparent.

    Companies spend no money and effort trying to hide aspects of business deals and projects.

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