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View Thread: If you have Mango, i recommand to hold off 7.8.
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    After using winph8, I am convinced Mango is better at this point. Sure you get the smaller tiles, but, at great cost.

    1) map doesn't have turn bt turn navigation anymore. map doesn't support fav list anymore. Map direction is bad compare to mango.

    2) auto text correction is bad compare to mango.

    3) unsure its this site or in general, but the cursor position is messed up.

    4) what's app is currently buggy.

    5) missing several paid xbl games.

    there are several benifits from 7.8, but, the cost of turn by turn nevugation, text correction, proper directions are just too much at this point. Until there is enough DX apps, there is very little benifits from 7.8 except all the drawbacks.