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    , Eigenvector wrote

    There are 3 tables Project Details, Consultant and Invoices Trackers.

    1. Project table has information about all projects. Like ProID, ProDescription,ActivityID,Total Capital, Amount spent per Activity, Owner and Expect completion Date.
    2. Consultant table has FirstName,LastName,ConsultingCmpny,
    3. Invoice tracker table will contain all the invoices that are realted to projects, The table must contain following data. Cmpny, Desc, Billing Period, Consultant Fname, Consultant Lname, ID, Invoice number, Amount, ProjectID, Invoice Approver.


    Consultant and Project are related with Project Desc.

    Project & Invoice are related with Project Activity ID.

    Consultant and Invoice are related with Some ID (I have to create.)

    You're going to need some more tables. I'm not sure about the carnality of your entities based upon your description of things. 











    With these, I think you can do everything you want to do, or maybe not, but it's a good start.