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    @ESgarbi:The second one is "Live Tile Sport" - just submitting an update now which fixes a few issues and adds some features - notably multiple live tiles (as opposed to the first version which had one tile that was 'super-configurable').

    Needless to say the code base is pretty much the same for these two apps, judicious use of compiler flags.  And yes, I did consider merging them but I have found that, for me, 8 feeds is the tipping point performance wise (and I didn't want to get into the 'configurable RSS Feed App' domain.)

    Next Up is a version of the 'Live Tile Browser' - this is my most popular Windows phone App and is being 're-imagined' (if that doesn't sound pompous) for Windows 8. 

    This should be followed closely by 'Shooting Range' - although I don't have any hardware yet that supports gyro.

    (http:/// for more info)