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View Thread: I'm not sure I like where this is going.
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    Thanks for sharing. I do understand where you are coming from but by the same token, how do I know if someone opposite me really is making a call and not taking pictures of me discretely? Or how do I know if my MD has one of those camera's you can get in a tie? Or how do I know if I walk past someone with spectacles on they don't have a hidden camera in the bridge.. the answer is I don't know.

    Each of the above  you can get for less than Glass in a novelty shop.  

    I totally get the argument. I can just see this getting out of control and Glass getting canned, which would be such a shame seeing as the problem already exists with or without the Technology... downside being there are so many positives and potential benefits to it, it's a big leap in the right direction in my opinion, which I suspect the tabloids / govt / people who don't value tech will play down because someone "could" and probably will take a picture sometime. There needs to be some form of sensible and socially acceptable balance.