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    @davewill:  You're not an "old fart", this is uncomfortable thoughts for everyone.  I am trying to just stir up a bit of a debate about what the rights and freedoms of people under such an environment should be.  I personally think of these devices becoming an extension of my own mind, and thus want to record and share any input I desire.  At the same time, it indeed makes me feel very insecure to think that someone could be watching and recording my every move in the future.  Where's the line, what should it look like?  Yeah, you should respect people's rights to privacy, and ask permission, but after a while, if the default is always on ... you'd have to ask everyone or dress yourself up in a Faraday cage or something. 

    Cloaking devices are the only answer.  Good thing there's like, a million kids who all grew up on Harry Potter working on that stuff now.