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    Sven Groot

    Peter Hamilton very much tends to trend towards these kinds of developments in his books. His latest novel, The Great North Road, has several instances where the police use sensory recordings to help solve a crime. Basically, everyone has ocular implants and they record everything 100% of the time, mostly to augment memory. But it can be shared with others if desired.

    Mind you, in this future every road and building is covered with smart dust, tiny sensory devices that give the police 24/7 coverage of, well, everything. That is, if it hasn't been ripped by criminals, and isn't malfunctioning from lack of maintenance, and isn't being mucked up by snow (the story takes place in Newcastle Tongue Out ).

    In the manga and anime Ghost in the Shell, this goes even further: almost everyone has brain implants, and it's possible for criminals (or the police) to hack someone else's brain to control them or access their memories. I do find this somewhat less likely however, especially since GitS is set in 2030 and there's no way brain implants will have become the norm by then, even if they were invented tomorrow they wouldn't be that commonplace by then. Wink At least Peter Hamilton has the good sense to set his stories further in the future.