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    Maddus Mattus

    @evildictaitor: And yet, they are more free then you. They didnt loan massive amounts of money, to be paid by future generations, for their wealth.

    Our household allready owes the State a whopping 100.000 euros and it's climbing, FAST!

    You have phony wealth, it's on borrowed money. If I go to the bank and borrow 10 million euros, does that make me a millionaire?


    And what happens when your health provider decides that it would be too expensive to treat your cancer?

    That would be a violation of contract.

    And private health providers often find that the least expensive way to treat their customers is to not treat them.

    Last time I checked, no cure no pay. And if they have a poor track record, you switch. Like you can also switch to Apple or Linux when you are not happy with Windows,.. See how this works, free choice?

    That is an admin problem, not a problem with free healthcare. When I was admitted to hospital a few years ago, no one asked me to fill anything in and no one asked for the number of my insurance provider.

    Free healthcare? They work for free? Did not know that.

    Someone is paying, just because you don't see the bill doesnt mean it doesnt get paid.