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    Maddus Mattus


    And all what you have mentioned will be worthless in a decade, because your government cannot afford it anymore. It will go into decay, and all those months that you have forked over 45% of your labor under the threat of force (wich basically is slavery) will be in vain.

    And ofcourse you like paying taxes, you are in the group that receives the most from government. Roads, healthcare, education, job security, yadda yadda yadda, all at the expense of others.

    If you like paying taxes so much, fork me over $20.000,-, I'll spend it on projects for the good of the community, I promise.

    If you don't like the cost of the ticket, Maddus, don't go to the gig.

    I don't leave my community, just because I don't like the rules the guys with guns force upon me. I will not run away, I will fight to make my community free from the tyranny that people like yourself place upon them.

    You try telling the people in Somalia that! You can always leave Somalia, if you don't agree. You brought this onto yourself.