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    Maddus Mattus

    @evildictaitor: And they might not be better off, but at least they are FREE.

    Something that I've come into contact with recently.

    My wife suffured an injury and I want to take time off to care for her. My free days are all spent, since it is not allowed to transfer them to next year, so I asked my employer if it is OK that I take some unpaid leave.

    Problem with that is, that I have no income for a month. The money is not an issue, since I prepare myself for these types of things. But the myriad of taxes, government insurances, tax rebate and tax cut programs making it very difficult for me to take a month off.

    Also our fantastic government healthcare system is failing to provide care for my wife. So now I have to fallback on local members of my community (hi mom and dad!) for help.

    So again, why in the blazing hell I'm I paying so much (under the threat of force) to somebody who refuses to help me and even when they help me, they do a piss poor job?

    I hope that you never come into trapped in this system, it's not a pleasant place to be.