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    Maddus Mattus

    @Ray7: Only time I get robbed, is when I get paid, each month, for half my income.

    It's still their responsibility to get a decent job skill. When electronics did not get me a job, I learned how to write professional software and I'm doing ok.

    My father in law went from being a bank employee to a bus driver.

    There are plenty of jobs out there, giving people free money only makes them dependent and not self sufficient.

    If my father in law would hit rock bottom, I would help him out, sponsor his education into a different field. Why? Because he also helped me when I needed him.

    Quid pro quo.

    In no way I am saying let them starve, I'm saying that people should have incentive to get a job. And the risk of starving (no one ever starves to death, always a charity willing to help) is what is creating this incentive, take that away and people become lax. Or do you really think you have 40 million people starving in the US?