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    Maddus Mattus

    , ScanIAm wrote

    You choose to live in the netherlands.  You may not have the option to choose from which womb you fall, but you certainly don't have to stay where you land.

    Now when did I choose that? I didnt choose anything, those choices were made for me.

    Please show me the legal code that forcefully keeps you chained to your country.

    My Dutch passport and nationality? Immigration laws of other countries?

    So leave.

    I wont run, I'm going to clean up this mess that the socialists left and debate people that want to keep spending other people's money on themselves.

    Please re-read what you just wrote and replace 'salvation army' with 'netherlands'.  Do so while looking into a mirror for best effect.

    For me to leave the Netherlands would require me to physically move, for me to join a different community, would not. See the difference?