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    , Maddus Mattus wrote

    @ScanIAm: Yes, that would be awesome! If everyone would have their own community of people to fall back on. A community wich they could CHOOSE to be a member of.

    You choose to live in the netherlands.  You may not have the option to choose from which womb you fall, but you certainly don't have to stay where you land.

    I'm all for helping my community (that's the idea behind my wp7 app and the idea for the wp8 one, helping the community, this one). I'm not for extortion of money by the threat of force

    Please show me the legal code that forcefully keeps you chained to your country.

    Right now, I have two communities that I'm a part of. One we forged ourselves with bloodties and friendships (this includes collegues) and one wich forces itself through my front door and demands that I pay him. One of these communities is helping me, the other is not.

    So leave.

    Now, you do raise an excellent point. What about the people that do not have a community to rely on? Well, they can join one that wants to have them. Last time I looked the salvation army is always looking to help people. These communities will expect something in return and if you don't agree then you can leave and join another community. And all this can be accomplished, without physically moving.

    Please re-read what you just wrote and replace 'salvation army' with 'netherlands'.  Do so while looking into a mirror for best effect.

    Sure you need a government to protect communities from harm, but you do not need a state telling them how to run their community.

    You seem to confuse the word 'need' and 'want' an aweful lot.