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Interesting post on NGEN on SurfaceRT

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  • Dr Herbie


    So it seems that SurfaceRT apps are only NGENed after about 24 hours -- that might explain why several reviewers complained about slow app startups while users who bought them don't seem to have that complaint.

    So, if you're going to blog about how terrible the Surface is, remember to run the app for a minute or two and keep using it for a couple of days first Tongue Out


  • contextfree`

    I'm not sure how that would explain the reviewers' complaints when few/none of the built-in apps are managed code based anyway?

  • spivonious

    I thought they were all NGENed in the cloud before the user got them. I have noticed that initial startups are a bit slower though.

  • Dr Herbie

    Actually, this does remind me of one annoyance with Win8: it seems to me that if your PC was switched off when the maintenance was scheduled, it will perform the maintenance as soon as you switch it back on again -- which is annoying if you've switched it on to get on with something but are competing with the defender scans, or disk defragmenting, or backups, or whatever.

    As a geek I'm not entirely comfortable with the PC deciding when to do stuff -- what's left for me to tinker with?


  • Retro​Recursion

    , Dr Herbie wrote

    So it seems that SurfaceRT apps are only NGENed after about 24 hours

    Good to know. Thanks for posting this info.

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