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Interop question

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    Right now the company Im working for is running Windows 7 and Microsoft Linux (SUSE) LOL, one thing I have noticed is that SUSE has really matured and gotten better and I cant help but think that has to be due to the work with Microsoft.  So I was just wondering what exactly does Microsoft and Novell do at the lab, now I know someones going to say work "work on interoperability" but what I would like to hear about are the details.  Maybe an idea for a Channel 9 video?  For those of us that do care.

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    Well, this Microsoft linux is the original with all the IP intact. The other linux distributions are just a blatant rip, a bad one at that, hence the differences you see. A law suit is coming shortly.    Wink

    Now seriously, linux and all the related projects have nothing to do with Microsoft (except as they might infringe on some lame MS S/W patents). All the rage today is about open source. 

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    Microsoft's work with GNU/Linux, or rather "interoperability" was largely limited to release the specifications of their protocols which saves the Samba guys the trouble of reverse-engineering them. So it wouldn't really affect the quality of the rest of the OS. Maybe you should just give the FOSS developers some credit?

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