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View Thread: Is Build just for Web or is WPF just that dead?
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    , MasterPie wrote


    No..I'm imagining a future in which VS-future doesn't look like VS-today. Maybe it's decoupled across devices or simply across mini apps and tiles in Windows. Who knows? No one knows if it's good or bad, so I'm not sure if it makes sense to fear it, except for maybe the learning curve that comes with the transition.

    When it comes down to the typing aspect the only substitute I can think of is voice recognition. While it's come a long way for regular language I don't think it works very well with the programming languages and paradigms we have to work with today. Much of that would have to be abstracted away like in TouchDevelop or Kodu -- both of which are very limited relative to what you can do with VS today.

    That said I'd love to design and develop software using combinations of voice and gesture but we're a long way off.

    In the end just because Microsoft needs the desktop around for guys like us it doesn't mean that much of the rest of the world can't shift over to the Windows 8 Store App environment. That will leave Microsoft with little incentive to do much with the desktop. It all comes down to what's going to generate revenue...