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View Thread: Is Build just for Web or is WPF just that dead?
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    , Vaccano wrote

    So WPF is not dead, it is just sleeping?

    By the way, when I refer to the Dead or Live status of WPF I am referring to the expansion and improvement of the product.  Not its useability. 

    WinForms is still very useful, but it will not be improved anymore.  Hence I am calling it Dead.

    It is looking like WPF is less sleeping and has actually died. (Or is really breathing shallow Smiley

    As for the conference question, I was not assuming.  I was wondering.  I was guessing that may be a reason that it did not contain any WPF related topics.  It looks like that is not the case. 

    WPF was updated with .NET 4.5, so by your criteria it's not "dead". Don't expect to see much focus there, though, or on any other desktop related technology, at least for the near future.