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View Thread: Is Build just for Web or is WPF just that dead?
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    @brian.shapiro: My take is that Sinofsky believes computing is moving into a new metaphor filled with touch and other interactions. At last years Build he said something to the effect of "just as your CRTs were replaced with LCDs so will your LCDs be replaced with touch displays". He then went on to demo ASUS's tilt-able "desktop" LCD all-in-one PC. With W8, IMO, he made things unnecessarily painful for desktop/mouse + keyboard users only to push people in the direction he wants them to go -- the Windows 8 Store Apps environment (love that name Wink )

    As for VS and other content creation apps I agree with you but also suspect if the Windows 8 Store Apps environment takes off Sinofsky will continue to push Microsoft, third parties, and other developers to "re-imagine" their applications in Windows 8 Store Apps form.

    IMO, The desktop and its legacy will always be around much like winforms and now WPF/SL. I doubt we'll see a huge investment in it unless Windows 8 Store Apps fail. Things are different at Microsoft now. It's all about Sinofsky's singular vision and right now he holds all of the cards.

    Just remember Microsoft isn't here to dictate what language you write in, APIs you use, or platforms you target; that's up to you to decide... Wink