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View Thread: Is anyone at MS in charge of listening to our concerns? UI changes, no Cleartype etc.
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    , CaRDiaK wrote

    @dentaku: They are listening. But they don't want you to make too much noise about it. Don't complain seems to be the current response.

    I wish they could feel my headaches after a few hours.

    Do you have any "official" reason to say this? I'm hoping you know something I don't Smiley

    It looks like either they're afraid to admit they haven't thought this through well enough in the rush for joining in the world of tablets by removing Cleartype and  forcing touchscreen interface UI elements on people who don't have touchscreens OR the people in charge are living in a reality distortion field common amongst giant companies.

    Simply giving us the option to turn Cleartype back on if we choose wouldn't be embarrassing to he company in any way, unlike finally admitting that many of us would be better off if we where given the option to use Win8 in the classic Win7 style UI because we only use laptop trackpads and mice.