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View Thread: Is anyone at MS in charge of listening to our concerns? UI changes, no Cleartype etc.
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    And I agree with you. I wish he would try again.
    His reactions are still very valid. It's a VERY common reaction to trying to use Win8 on something that's not a tablet and some of his complaints are still valid even on a tablet.

    Giving people the option to use the old Win7 interface and simply letting us turn on Cleartype in IE10 and Office 2013 (I just heard about Office 2013 this week) would be a good start. People could start concentrating on actually USING the new products instead of being frustrated or afraid of them.

    , bondsbw wrote

    @dentaku:  This guy claims he will spend 30 days with Windows 8 before making a judgment.  At the very end of the video, he says he only spent 30 minutes on it.  30 minutes is not enough time to make a judgment about any unfamiliar user interface (which I thought was the point of going the full 30 days).

    He had to lie in order to make a point.