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View Thread: Is anyone at MS in charge of listening to our concerns? UI changes, no Cleartype etc.
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    , dentaku wrote

    who can show that someone is listening to us people who actually have valid points about the usability of these new Microsoft products?

    Forcing UI elements that are suited to touchscreens onto people who are using non-touch desktops and removing Cleartype hoping nobody will notice because they're all going to be using high-ppi screens anyway is very heavy handed. It's just too much too fast.

    They want to out-hipster everyone.

    By the way, I've found a forum with a user that makes DeathByVisualStudio and me look very tame.

    You should (must) read the posts by "CharlotteTheHarlot" there. Powerful stuff. I hope I won't get banned for posting this link..