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View Thread: Is the WP7 app store even moderated?
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    , 01001001 wrote

    From what I see of the Windows mobile app store, which I hadn't looked at in a long time since today, it's just an abysmal wasteland of generic old apps and porn. As a matter of fact a lot of the top 50 apps in the Windows Phone store are based on porn themes.

    How about you complain XBL Indie games are filled with top downloaded Remote Messager and Fireplace crap "games", back in the days.. Or how about complaining WP7 selling "I am rich" app, oh wait, my bad, it is not on WP7.

    If you don't know what I mean, that's be realistic here. When you have an open store, you have all sorts of apps, and many of them are crap and they sell tons. It is the same as how some terrible singers are popular, it doesn't matter how terrible he sings, people are listening to his music. You just pissing at people who makes mad money with toast that has Marry's face on it.