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View Thread: Is this forum read by the right people? Do posts get forwarded to the right people?
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    @wastingtimewithforums: Channel 9 - the Coffeehouse specifically - is much more general purpose in nature (by design) than product-specific customer feedback forums (note that the MSDN forums have been around almost as long as the Coffeehouse...). You are of course free to post feedback/ideas/rants/raves here, but it's much more efficient and effective to share your technical/emotional Win8 feedback directly with the Windows team on their MSDN forums. You can't expect members of a product team to spend time in more than one forum, especially given how their time to do such things is so limited. Again, this is not to say you can't post stuff on C9 and product forums - that's up to you.

     I know the Windows people want to hear from you and they're taking feedback in their MSDN forum (this means that's where they're spending their time in this context - not here).

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