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Its' a Monster!

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  • Ian2

    I do think there are opportunities for a tablet this size and price ($900)  though it would be interesting to see where it is used in practice.

  • elmer

    As a fancy drinks tray ?

  • Bass


    It's the new old Surface?

  • Ian2

    I was trying to think how this might be used if we had one in my own family: (most of these scenarios have sub-scenarios and I think are all valid, supposing we to have the motivation to use the device in this way in the first place)

    1. It would sit charging in the hallway, next to the phone (maybe on the wall if it could be removed easily enough?) and would show by default  the current Weather and any notifications for members of the Family along with any security camera feeds that might be available.

    2. My wife and I might take it down and put it on the Kitchen table (face up) to help plan Family outings with our kids or to tick off task lists for family members (not that we are currently that organized - but you never know)

    3. It might be used occasionally for family gaming in the lounge.

    4. Might be useful in discussing homework with the kids assuming it is portable/light enough for them to bring it to us (and assuming their work is done in the Cloud, which it increasingly is).

    5. I could see it having a use for selecting upcoming entertainment for the family for the following week ie TV Programs (would need to interface with calendar/reminders and PVR), theatre / cinema / meal investigations and booking etc.

    6. Assuming connectivity it would be good if this enabled us to see who was at the door, or telephoning us (before we answer)

    7. Skye type situations - quick calls could be handled in situ -  for longer conversations say with relatives abroad the device could be moved into the lounge (or the call transferred to a smaller tablet).


    I will add to this list as I think of scenarios, in the meantime feel free to shoot me down guys ...



  • Bas

    Depending on screen protectors, it'd be interested in getting this €16,95 IKEA coffee table, cutting a 20" hole in it and putting that thing in there to create a budget PixelSense table.

  • Dr Herbie

    Other than Bas' coffee table idea or using it to beat someone to death with, I think it's a little too large for domestic use - I can only really see it being used as a Kiosk interface.


  • Ian2

    OK, So maybe we all need to club together and get one for my family in order to test the hypothesis? 

    Actually my concern wouldn't be in the scenarios themselves more in getting the family (my self included) to commit to giving them a fair go - which means changing existing domestic habits that have been built up over a long timeframe.

    But hey, we are up to the challenge if you are ....

  • Bas

    Rather than get one for your family to test the hypothesis I think we should create a kickstarter for my coffee table. Backers get the privilege of drinking a cup of coffee or tea at my table when they visit.

  • wkempf

    One word: table-top gaming. A device like this could do the same thing to the board game (and RPG for that matter) market that the Kindle did to the book market. I'd love to replace my closets full of games with a single device of this size. Of course, the price would have to be right for this, and $900 is a little high for a board game replacement, even if it's right in line with what this device is capable of.

  • Blue Ink

    @Ian2: I believe it would work pretty well for quick presentations. I've seen salespersons trying to use an iPad, but that's way too small to be used across a desk and doesn't really work when there's more than just one person in the audience.

  • JohnAskew

    I'm gonna need a bigger shirt pocket...

  • Harlequin

    My 12" tablet with the extended battery can get 7+ hours of life. Yeah, this 20" tablet is big, but this day and age, not having a battery life of 10+ hours on a thing like this unacceptable.

  • wkempf

    @Harlequin: If it were mobile, I'd agree with you, but at 20" this thing isn't really mobile. Battery life isn't the issue... it's finding a meaningful niche that is. I can think of many uses, but none of them really make this a compelling product at the price point.

  • Ian2

    , Harlequin wrote

    My 12" tablet with the extended battery can get 7+ hours of life. Yeah, this 20" tablet is big, but this day and age, not having a battery life of 10+ hours on a thing like this unacceptable.


    I think it is aimed at living in one spot in your house - but the battery gives it some valuable portability in other rooms.  More battery life=more weight so it is a trade off IMO

  • Harlequin

    True about the weight thing, but the tablet is already quite bulky...looks like it's out 2 inches in the back. I just figured with all the technologies here and there, that screens would be thinner, more efficient. My 12.1" tablet is just under an inch thick, and again with 7+ hours of battery life, and it's from 2006. I just expect more after 6 years with new products coming out.

  • Bas

    @Harlequin: is it really meant to be a tablet, though? It looks to me like an all-in-one PC that you happen to be able to move around occasionally thanks to the battery.

  • RobGreenly

    Uhhhgggg! Proof of first world excesses

  • fanbaby

    This can be used to bake (rectangular) icons, as he's demonstrating in the opening frame.

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