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It's going to get hot in here ...

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    Its looking kind of inevitable.  Facebook raising enourmous capital, Apple making unbelievable piles of money.  To some its starting to look like Google might become an underdog (MS already is).

    Facebook is in a prime position for targetted advertising, Google is trying to play catch up with Google + etc.  Meanwhile MS has a little finger in all the pies and wants a bigger piece (Its going to be a massive push with Win 8 & Tablets though).

    Is the scene being set for an enourmous showdown?

    Winners and Loosers all round?

    Its going to be an interesting year.

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    Where's Lenn Pryor?

    Nobody who's really, really good wants to work at a company that's 99.9999% diluted.

    If you're a really good MBA or developer you deserve to get rich, and you will never get that rich on level 64 bonuses. Meanwhile you will see your colleagues that took the chance move way past you in the game of life.

    Lenn probably has huge stock vested at Facebook waiting to sell it by now. Meanwhile where are his old colleagues?

    That's why huge companies become old. You can only divide the pie so many ways. Microsoft is a shadow of it's former self.

    Level 65 which is directly below the executive class is only 130k/y.

    You can almost make that much at some no name ad agency as a lead programmer.

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    @10000001: Since when is "Privacy Strategist" related to software development?

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    Oh, I thought this was going to be a tread about climate change denial. I was so READY to contribute...

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    I thought it was going to be a thread about this song:

    I am disappoint.

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    Actually I've just been for a long brisk walk and was talking about my pants.  Ooh-Errr Missus.

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    Just spotted this tweet fly by which feels related to the original thread intent:

    Julian Rignall

    2 years ago: Apple = cool. Microsoft = evil. Google = insidious. 2 years from now Apple = insidious. Microsoft = cool. Google = evil.
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    @Bass: I thought that song was sung by this artist:

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    Going public is what companies do when they've crested in growth and plateau'd.

    Facebook will languish just like Google has after spending their IPO cash, but I think even worse. 

    I don't go there anymore, many aren't, me thinks.

    I just hope Windows Phone grows.

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