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    , BitFlipper wrote

    Here's a serious question...

    Did anybody actually complain about the Windows 7 desktop?

    Maybe I'm confused, but I vaguely remember Windows 7 being hugely popular, especially after Vista.

    What I remember is that all of a sudden after Windows 8 came out, that apparently people had been complaining and up in arms for years about the existence of  windows with borders on them, buttons, title bars, and the evils of non-full screen apps.

    I apparently missed all those complaints over the past two decades. If you believe all the stuff coming out of Microsoft and the Windows 8 fans, apparently non-full screen apps, close buttons, menu bars, and title bars were some intractable evil that people had been picketing in the streets over.

    Apparently, everyone also hated the start menu with a burning passion, yet until Windows 8 came out, the only complaint I ever heard was the stupid "har har, you have to press start to shutdown."