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?? I think Integer is fine? It is essentially

public class Interger


 int _value;

 override operator = .....


But, still, Integer is not int. It cost extra pointer in memory. Unless I am wrong? Which no one has yet to explain how Integer is structured.

IMO, Integer[ one billion ] = ( 64bits pointer + 32bits value ) * one billion. Which is absolutly big no no in my previous examples.

And just for me only, I totally don't like to use objects when I can use primitives. Some people can debate this to death, but, I want to use int, that's all that matters.


Java doesn't do operator overloading, so:

public static void doStuff(Integer i) {
  i = 5;

is equivalent to:

public static void doStuff(Integer i) {
  i = new Integer(5);

You're only changing doStuff's reference to i, not changing its actual value (the caller won't see the change).  You actually can't do the latter; Integer is immutable in Java.

[edit] And now I remember why I stopped posting.  Why in the world does this piece of crap forum dump you back to the first page of a thread when you post?