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View Thread: Job's vendetta to pull Galaxy S III from shelves?
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    Maddus Mattus

    @evildictaitor: fair enough, my only advice to you would be not to put all your eggs in the science basket. People sitting behind a desk cooking numbers and forging theories tend to be detached from what is going on in the real world. That's also why I made the remark about the lack of imagination.

    @JohnAskew: my question was, what would you like as an alternative? Not what the outcome was.

    Would you also like to pay the guy who invented the wiper in the first place, so he can make his billions? What about the guy that invented lights to illuminate the license plate? Or the self cancelling indicators? Got to be worth billions also?

    We would end up going nowhere, as we would be impossible to pay everybody for their contributions in the finished product that we call a car.

    I understand the rule of law fully and so does Apple and Samsung. That's why they are using it to fortify their position in the market, rather then bring the next best product to market.