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@evildictaitor: Interesting reading, thanks! Will shoot holes in it later Wink

I suggest you write your holes into a paper and submit it to an economics journal.

Also, deciding that you're going to try and "shoot holes" in a document because you disagree with its conclusions demonstrates your commitment to not ever changing your mind in the face of evidence.

I don't frankly care whether you agree with the document or not. I'm just pointing out that you stating that there is no evidence for the opposite of your point-of-view whilst failing to submit your own evidence and dismissing or "shooting holes" in evidence that disagrees with your position is both immensely unscientific and quite hypocritical.

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I don't agree, innovation has grinded to a halt. There have been no major innovations, just very slight improvements. 


I do wonder why Ford doesnt battle GM in courts as hefty as Apple and SamSung.