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View Thread: Job's vendetta to pull Galaxy S III from shelves?
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    Maddus Mattus

    , JohnAskew wrote

    Somehow, smart phones are affordable.

    Somehow, cars are affordable.

    Affordable, yes, as cheap and as good as could be, no.

    All this patent business does not add value to the end product. So the end product is not as good as can be, lawyers and fines got to be payed.

    Same with drugs. The reason they are so expensive can also be attributed to the constant legal battles big pharmaceuticals play out. It's also the reason you cant have small time operators. The costs outweigh the risks, unless you are big enough to bear those costs.

    For a guy that hates big corporations like WallMart, you are sure advocating the regulations that springs them to life.

    And both carry the type of patents that you say makes product unaffordable.

    You are totally wrong, again.

    I'm saying that it makes the product more expensive then it should have been, prohibits competition and does not drive innovation. Nowhere did I claim that it would make products unaffordable, unaffordable products don't exist by definition.