, evildictait​or wrote

And then they are replaced by more innovative other companies.

Nokia used to be the top of the world for mobile phones. Now Apple is.

How did apple do it? Via Patents? No. By innovating the iPhone.

I've nothing but respect for Apple with the iPod, iPhone and iPad. Kudos for them for inventing a whole new market.

But now that other companies want to move into that market, they are suing to keep their market leader position. This is nothing more then a government instituted monopoly at the expense of the consumer.

Apple should innovate to stay in the lead, not sue.

Claiming that the biggest companies are all non-innovative is just once again showing that you come up with an idea and then stick with it despite all evidence showing you clearly that you are wrong. And it's pretty tiring.

Pot, kettle, black. I suggest we give this a rest.