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Julian Assange, WikiLeaks Founder, Arrested, Denied Bail, and Jailed For Unsafe Consensual Sex in Sweden?

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    @raymond:but why are you using the Coffeehouse as a notebook for your blog and radio show?

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    imo there's a difference between good-faith attempts to engage with a community on some topic (whether it's about politics or anything else) and just spamming a forum with your fixations. I say that as someone who is concerned about the WL crackdown as well.

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    I am not using this forum as a notebook for my blog.

    At most this forum gets the highlights.

    I repeat I was sharing a headups on a breaking news story.

    If you are not interested in the topic or already know all about it, I assume you will ignore it as I do with many topics on this and other forums.


    Actually, I regard wikileaks as a distraction not a fixation.

    I will plead quilty in regards to the Fed being a fixation given the damage to the economy of the Fed's monetary policy.




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