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    its aloooot more than one person.. try the whole internet press save a small few Smiley and yeah, i do blame microsoft. they should know that people/the press will always try to twist their words. they should have been and should be more clear.

    why not mention .net at all? their whole streategy of a 'big reveal' at build is completley flawed. now their just causing confusion amongs more casual devs and more importantly manages (both at .net shops and customers) who dont spend their time on forums like this..

    what they are doing is destroying good will from devs and customers who (rightly) feel left out of the loop, this whole silent treatment, refusing to comment on anything, thats the pr mightmare.. they they could solve it with a single tweet from sinofsky:

    "the traditional platforms will be equal to html/js in win8, we're not replacing anything, just expanding"

    but no, they cant even show their customers that courtesy.. thats the pr nightmare, microsoft ignoring the concerns of their developer base.

    just wait until people realise that the "standards based" html/js is in fact only the exposure of native windows apis in js.. so much for standards based development! same code same markup my butt! then they've burnt their bridges both with traditional devs and the hip new webdevs their trying to attract now..