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Just switched from WP7 to iPhone4S

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    I had the iPhone3G and with the iPad, I just could not justify having a WP7 any longer.

    iPhone has the developers behind it when it comes to third party apps.

    WP7 is very behind with third party apps. This is a big negative.

    Microsoft screwed up by not going the "one phone" route. They should have let Android have the cheap phone market and they should have competed with Apple with a classy, well built phone. The plastic phones that HTC, Samsung, etc. do make the Windows Platform available to more users, but you lose the sense that college students got when they were the only ones on Facebook, or Apple fans got when they were the only ones lining up for the first iPhone.

    I truly believe that Windows 8 is too late. Apple has had a smart phone/tablet/laptop combination for such a long period of time now, noone is even looking at other options. Google keeps making attempts by throwing tons of garbage into the market. It is just not working.


    So my question is... If you have a WP7, do you feel like you are on the losing team? Do you feel like you are giving up mobile functionailty by avoiding the Apple Logo? Does MS really have a chance with the consumer market or should they focus soley on the IBM/Oracle route?

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    , bobonecoupon wrote


    So my question is... If you have a WP7, do you feel like you are on the losing team?

    For me, there is no team. As a consumer of a product, my level of my giving a cr@p about how many other users there are only goes high enough to want the manufacturer to do well enough to continue supporting the product. That's it. As a developer, I want the potential customer to developer ratio to be has high as possible. I'd rather not have basement dwellers flocking to the platform in droves to become developers.

    Do you feel like you are giving up mobile functionailty by avoiding the Apple Logo?

    What functionality? Does the iPhone print money now? Does it grant three wishes? 

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    Dr Herbie

    @cbae: +1

    I already have a ton of installed apps on my WP7 that I really don't use and will probably remove -- why would I need thousands more pieces of software that I don't need? Having trawled through both the WP7 marketplace and the iPhone/pad marketplace, there aren't many apps what I feel I want or need in either, so both markets serve my needs and I could go with either phone -- I went WP7 because I'm a .NET developer and I wanted a new .NET platform to play with.


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    @bobonecoupon:I think if you have an IPhone you are on the team of Losers called Apple fanboys.   Apple is peaking now but let me clue you in.   Steve Jobs is gone and Apple is going on the big slide down.  Microsoft basically sits steady.  No big wins,  no big losses.   My windows phone does what I need it to.  I like the cool apps I write for it with .net.  I dont give a crap about tablets.   I like my Ultra PC which weighs 3 pounds and has no figerprints on the screen.   Not giving up my mouse.  You will have to pry it from my cold dead hands.   Apple is really for artsy women and college girls.  

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    I'm happy with my WP7, but I have about 5 apps installed (not counting games) over the defaults and see no need for more.

    I wish more people would give WP7 a try, but I don't feel that I'm on a losing team. I looked at all of the products and made the choice that worked for me. iPhone was too expensive. Android was too varied. Looking at the phones available, I saw four different Android versions, all with different skins. The phones were cheaper, but they got bad reviews. WP7 was a different UI, with lots built into the OS, plus it all tied together with my Live ID. When I saw a cheap unlocked LG Quantum for sale, I jumped on it and stuck a prepaid SIM in.

    Is it perfect? No. Do I feel that I'm missing out on something? Sometimes I wonder what the Apple world is like, but I'm not willing to pay the "Apple Tax".

    @TexasToast - Steve Jobs being gone will have a huge impact on Apple in a few years. Reading his biography, it's easy to see that he was the one with the vision and the ability to push others towards that vision. Apple will slowly sink back to what they were ten years ago, and people will be upset that they are stuck with them because of the content they've purchased through iTunes.

    I don't think Google or Microsoft will be the next Apple. We'll see someone else step in with a truly fresh idea on computing.

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    I don't spend a whole lot of time browsing through apps on my phone...I usually just glance at the tiles, use internet, check notifications in Me,message, make calls, check maps. The only third party app I really use often is Yelp, and only occasionally when I'm waiting for someone for a long time, I'll play a game. For the most part, I don't need to go beyond the built-in apps and features.

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    I tried my bro's iphone 4s map, it is hard to use. I like my wp7 Bing map better. And I like picture hub showing my local storage, SkyDrive, Facebook albums all together. Wp7 simply work so well with hotmail services.

    Certainly it is weaker in the market. And I really hope ms would spend more advertisings in billboards. I am still waiting for Scruff and Grinder to support wp7. The argument of wp7 have enough apps is just a poor excuse because that was the same excuse on iMac and people stay on windows for apps. And it really matters , windows and iPhone has a lot more high profile games. and people know they will not miss out any app regardless they need it now, or in the future, or never.

    I am giving WP a chance for some time before I give it up. I really like Mango, but there are things just crying for wtf, like no screenshot support when it is taking screenshot in the history list already. and they already have voice navigation, but , they intentionally turn the voice into bloomp. And what is annoying is theyy don't intend to unlock those in a shorter release cycle. Also they dumpped down app review function, I mean.... Really??? Nevertheless, I still like my Mango a lot. I am going to buy WP8 for sure, but my patience is running thinner of course.

    Leaving WM on 5/2018 if no apps, no dedicated billboards where I drive, no Store name.
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    Speaking of apps like Yelp and maps, the lack of a back button makes iOS devices frustrating as hell to use. When an app like Yelp brings up a map in a browser window, there's no back button to automatically bring you back to the last screen that you were viewing. It makes me want to stab a pencil in eye socket like when there's no 2nd and 3rd mouse button when using a Mac.

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    To the OP who said MS should have gone the one phone route why? Why should the OS vendor tell me I do not want a hardware keybaoard (Venue) , or a pull out Dolby speaker (Surround) , or large screen (Titan). As a consumer I like that choice vs Apple saying here is 16 gig model here is 32 gig model pick one. That is lose for the consoumer.


    As for apps I have about 30 apps installed (not counting games) about 8 of those I use regularly mostly the weather, USA Today amazing for keeping up with the news one of the best non game apps on the platform, 4TH and Mayor ect and that just fine.

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    @bobonecoupon: I had an HTC Arrive, and boy was it a piece of junk. It was the only wp7 on Sprint at the time, who knows, it might still be. Next was the Samsung galaxy II, a beautiful phone running an os designed by the trailer park boys.

    I currently have an iPhone 4s. It does what it is supposed to do, the browser is predictable for running mobile web sites, and I really like the Flipboard app.

    p.s. Here is a little bit of Trailer Park Boys, for you.


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    , cbae wrote

    Speaking of apps like Yelp and maps, the lack of a back button makes iOS devices frustrating as hell to use. When an app like Yelp brings up a map in a browser window, there's no back button to automatically bring you back to the last screen that you were viewing. It makes me want to stab a pencil in eye socket like when there's no 2nd and 3rd mouse button when using a Mac.

    Here, here on the back button. I hope Microsoft figures out how to implement one in W8. Even on the tablet with touch workflows like this suck:

    1. While browsing "what's new" in the contacts app select post with a video.
    2. Metro IE 10 opens to display the Facebook web page (I'm guessing because the contact app can't do media other than pictures), you get a message saying the page cannot be displayed, and a login prompt for Facebook. (back button would be nice here that would return you to contacts)
    3. Login to Facebook and be greeted by the big red x were the video should be.
    4. Do the "open in desktop" dance to get to desktop IE 10 where you can view the video.

    At this point I can't even toggle back (ATL-TAB) to the contacts app because I switched apps too many times in order to complete the one task. If their going to bork video playback they certainly should consider a system-wide application switching breadcrumbs system that would let you back your way to where you started rather than having to bring up the task switcher to find the app you started in. With metro apps being full screen I'm finding good navigation tools in W8 to be really important (just not there).

    If we all believed in unicorns and fairies the world would be a better place.
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    @DeathByVisualStudio: I miss a back button too. My mouse has a button that goes back in the web browser. It would be great if it would take me back through apps.

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    I really like my HTC Trophy. But that being said usually when people ask me about a phone they have requirements that prevent me from suggesting wp7.

    Even though many people don't really get why they need 4G, Verizon's advertising is making a non 4g phone a hard sell.

    If they have used and liked an iphone or andriod phone before the change is too much for many people, especially if a favorite app is not available for wp7 yet.

    Bottom line is if they want an Accura and you talk them into an Audi they probably will be annoyed by the differences.

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    Interesting thing I learned at a TechEd conference here last year: 99% of phone apps, only get used once. If you have 65 apps on your iPhone, look now and see which ones you never really open.

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    @Harlequin: I just want to point out that limiting yourself to just want Microsoft thinks you should use (Email, Text, MS Office, etc) is being a "MS fanboy" more than the poor college students waiting in lines for days and using their academic loans are" Apple fanboys"

    You can argue you don't use certain apps everyday until you are blue in the face, but it doesn't take away from the fact that Developers are behind Apple and not MS these days...

    I'll give you prime examples of why Apple functionality is stronger:

    Flipboard (3rd party) - Best news application to date

    RSA (3rd party) - Corporate security

    iBooks/iTunesU - Reading and learning has never been so seemless

    Facetime - You can argue Skype here, but very few WP7 has front facing camera

    Podcasts - The easy use of iTunes and the ability to download(stream), play in background while using other apps is needed.

    I can also list Games, but I do not use them.

    It is a simple fact that I was denying myself portability and functionaility by not going Apple. With the iPhone/iPad I can also tether and log into any company server I need to, I also have the ability to use many education resources on the iPad (videos, academies, etc) on the go. A WP7/Android Tablet doesn't give the same seamless integration nor are the applications near the caliber of the iPhone/iPad mix.

    So ask yourself again if you are giving up time/portability/functionaility by advoiding the Apple logo...

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    With the iPhone/iPad I can also tether

    AT&T charges extra to tether. The minimum plan for iPhone is $20 data, and you need the $40+ plan to tether.

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    , 01001011 wrote


    AT&T charges extra to tether. The minimum plan for iPhone is $20 data, and you need the $40+ plan to tether.

    How the hell do they justify that to their customers, if you don't mind me asking.


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    they don't. their janet reno actually suceeded and broke at&t up. remember MCI?

    They're a big bad corporation with big bad ruthless people. some of my friends work there and they're pretty damn careless about social responsibility. but no more than say Microsoft.

    the more money they can lift from your wallet the better their job security and the bigger the bonuses.

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