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    @Harlequin: I just want to point out that limiting yourself to just want Microsoft thinks you should use (Email, Text, MS Office, etc) is being a "MS fanboy" more than the poor college students waiting in lines for days and using their academic loans are" Apple fanboys"

    You can argue you don't use certain apps everyday until you are blue in the face, but it doesn't take away from the fact that Developers are behind Apple and not MS these days...

    I'll give you prime examples of why Apple functionality is stronger:

    Flipboard (3rd party) - Best news application to date

    RSA (3rd party) - Corporate security

    iBooks/iTunesU - Reading and learning has never been so seemless

    Facetime - You can argue Skype here, but very few WP7 has front facing camera

    Podcasts - The easy use of iTunes and the ability to download(stream), play in background while using other apps is needed.

    I can also list Games, but I do not use them.

    It is a simple fact that I was denying myself portability and functionaility by not going Apple. With the iPhone/iPad I can also tether and log into any company server I need to, I also have the ability to use many education resources on the iPad (videos, academies, etc) on the go. A WP7/Android Tablet doesn't give the same seamless integration nor are the applications near the caliber of the iPhone/iPad mix.

    So ask yourself again if you are giving up time/portability/functionaility by advoiding the Apple logo...