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View Thread: Just switched from WP7 to iPhone4S
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    I'm happy with my WP7, but I have about 5 apps installed (not counting games) over the defaults and see no need for more.

    I wish more people would give WP7 a try, but I don't feel that I'm on a losing team. I looked at all of the products and made the choice that worked for me. iPhone was too expensive. Android was too varied. Looking at the phones available, I saw four different Android versions, all with different skins. The phones were cheaper, but they got bad reviews. WP7 was a different UI, with lots built into the OS, plus it all tied together with my Live ID. When I saw a cheap unlocked LG Quantum for sale, I jumped on it and stuck a prepaid SIM in.

    Is it perfect? No. Do I feel that I'm missing out on something? Sometimes I wonder what the Apple world is like, but I'm not willing to pay the "Apple Tax".

    @TexasToast - Steve Jobs being gone will have a huge impact on Apple in a few years. Reading his biography, it's easy to see that he was the one with the vision and the ability to push others towards that vision. Apple will slowly sink back to what they were ten years ago, and people will be upset that they are stuck with them because of the content they've purchased through iTunes.

    I don't think Google or Microsoft will be the next Apple. We'll see someone else step in with a truly fresh idea on computing.