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View Thread: Just switched from WP7 to iPhone4S
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    I tried my bro's iphone 4s map, it is hard to use. I like my wp7 Bing map better. And I like picture hub showing my local storage, SkyDrive, Facebook albums all together. Wp7 simply work so well with hotmail services.

    Certainly it is weaker in the market. And I really hope ms would spend more advertisings in billboards. I am still waiting for Scruff and Grinder to support wp7. The argument of wp7 have enough apps is just a poor excuse because that was the same excuse on iMac and people stay on windows for apps. And it really matters , windows and iPhone has a lot more high profile games. and people know they will not miss out any app regardless they need it now, or in the future, or never.

    I am giving WP a chance for some time before I give it up. I really like Mango, but there are things just crying for wtf, like no screenshot support when it is taking screenshot in the history list already. and they already have voice navigation, but , they intentionally turn the voice into bloomp. And what is annoying is theyy don't intend to unlock those in a shorter release cycle. Also they dumpped down app review function, I mean.... Really??? Nevertheless, I still like my Mango a lot. I am going to buy WP8 for sure, but my patience is running thinner of course.