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View Thread: Just switched from WP7 to iPhone4S
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    I had the iPhone3G and with the iPad, I just could not justify having a WP7 any longer.

    iPhone has the developers behind it when it comes to third party apps.

    WP7 is very behind with third party apps. This is a big negative.

    Microsoft screwed up by not going the "one phone" route. They should have let Android have the cheap phone market and they should have competed with Apple with a classy, well built phone. The plastic phones that HTC, Samsung, etc. do make the Windows Platform available to more users, but you lose the sense that college students got when they were the only ones on Facebook, or Apple fans got when they were the only ones lining up for the first iPhone.

    I truly believe that Windows 8 is too late. Apple has had a smart phone/tablet/laptop combination for such a long period of time now, noone is even looking at other options. Google keeps making attempts by throwing tons of garbage into the market. It is just not working.


    So my question is... If you have a WP7, do you feel like you are on the losing team? Do you feel like you are giving up mobile functionailty by avoiding the Apple Logo? Does MS really have a chance with the consumer market or should they focus soley on the IBM/Oracle route?