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    , cbae wrote

    Speaking of apps like Yelp and maps, the lack of a back button makes iOS devices frustrating as hell to use. When an app like Yelp brings up a map in a browser window, there's no back button to automatically bring you back to the last screen that you were viewing. It makes me want to stab a pencil in eye socket like when there's no 2nd and 3rd mouse button when using a Mac.

    Here, here on the back button. I hope Microsoft figures out how to implement one in W8. Even on the tablet with touch workflows like this suck:

    1. While browsing "what's new" in the contacts app select post with a video.
    2. Metro IE 10 opens to display the Facebook web page (I'm guessing because the contact app can't do media other than pictures), you get a message saying the page cannot be displayed, and a login prompt for Facebook. (back button would be nice here that would return you to contacts)
    3. Login to Facebook and be greeted by the big red x were the video should be.
    4. Do the "open in desktop" dance to get to desktop IE 10 where you can view the video.

    At this point I can't even toggle back (ATL-TAB) to the contacts app because I switched apps too many times in order to complete the one task. If their going to bork video playback they certainly should consider a system-wide application switching breadcrumbs system that would let you back your way to where you started rather than having to bring up the task switcher to find the app you started in. With metro apps being full screen I'm finding good navigation tools in W8 to be really important (just not there).