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Just switched from WP7 to iPhone4S

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    , bobonecoupon wrote

    Podcasts - The easy use of iTunes and the ability to download(stream), play in background while using other apps is needed.

    Everything else you said was pretty much spot on, however, I only use iTunes on my iPhone for podcasts and not the iPad. For some inexplicable reason, Apple neglected to include the ability to see which podcasts have already been played on the iPad. That's pretty much a deal breaker for me listening to podcasts on my iPad. Great on the iPhone though.


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    I listen to podcasts in the background on my WP7 all the time. They're in the Zune marketplace.

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    @spivonious: Prove that you and stream from Zune like from iTunes and you win that argument. Having to download the podcasts on Wi-Fi is sometimes inconvenient since I have long commutes and I can finish one mid-drive.

    So far the only arguments I've heard from this community is that you are a .NET developer (which is ridiculous) because I have 2 WP7 one i purchased and one i won (they were giving these things away a few months ago). You can own and iPhone and develop in .NET... Another argument was that you don't need all of the apps available for iOS which I agree with but I've noted many apps that WP7 does not have yet and another I'm beginning to use is the Nike Fuel with the band.

    I just don't understand the psychology in being in technology but not owning the most productive products on the market. You can still develop for WP, Android, etc. if you believe in those products. But why give up current functionality? I don't see many people jumping the Facebook ship to go to Google+... because Facebook is more functional and more people use it.

    Using "underdog" technology like Bing instead of Google is good... but using Google instead of Bing is also good because you force Bing to produce better content. It isn't always bad using the best products/services on the market. It forces the other guys to step it up and sparks innovation.

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    @bobonecoupon: The PODCASTS! Pro app allows you to stream. The podcast app built into Zune currently requires you to download and sync with the Zune desktop.

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    @bobonecoupon: I went from an iPhone3GS to an HTC Titan running WP7 and honestly I will never look back. As a .NET developer and someone who despises the Apple's UI  (IMO it looks like an interface designed by kids for kids) I could never see myself going back Apple.

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