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View Thread: Justifying Windows Phone 7 development?
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    My first post on Rev. 9, woop woop Smiley

    So I've been looking at Windows Phone 7. As an iPhone user(I love my phone), my biggest quirk is that the programming model sucks(Objective C is only used on the apple platform, and it's a nasty language), and that in order for me to make applications, I need to PAY Apple. And I can't deploy any applications to my phone without putting it on the market-place.

    Along comes Windows Phone 7. It uses my favorite language and IDE, and it doesn't look all that bad.

    Now, investing time and money into a new application model is a pretty big deal. And given that in order to run an application on the phone, you have to submit it through Microsoft, just like with Apple. That means in order for me to write programs that I'd wanna use, I'd have to support it in case other people wants to buy it. 

    That leads to following question: Is Windows Phone 7 gonna be adapted widely enough that it's a worthwhile investment? Gartner estimates that WP7 will be the 6th most used Mobile Platform, which is not very encouraging. 

    So how the hell does one justify spending time on WP7? The success of the Windows Platform is based on the fact that good tools are readily available, and you can execute any program on any computer that runs Windows. But given that it's my understanding that this will not be the case on WP7, but that Microsoft has to approve your application, then how is WP7 not gonna fail against other platforms?