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View Thread: Justifying Windows Phone 7 development?
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    Windows Phone 7 as far as i can see is the best looking platform and thought-out platform out there, but will that be enough. I ‘m afraid its got a big uphill struggle just from the point of how established the iphone and android are. Just ask my daughter
    what phone she wants and is prepared to spend her hard earned £480 on. It isn’t the Windows Phone 7!

    I think Microsoft need to

    1.       Get a better marketing department. They really do have the world’s worst marketing department don’t they!

    2.       Give a phone to whoever wants one. I know there pockets are only so deep. But they need to get the phone in people’s hands and I mean a lot of people. Maybe A “trade you old phone for a windows Mobile 7” campaign.

    Don’t get me wrong i really want to develop for this phone. And I probably will. But I can only go so far without the hardware. Am i prepared to spend money on a phone? If there’re a couple of hundred pounds then maybe but anything over that not until I
    can see a return in my investment. (My daughter has more disposable income than I do and she’s only 15) I also sent an email and never heard anything, but at this stage I don’t think Microsoft can be to choosy.

    Just my 2c worth