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    @Bas:Yup - it comes in VERY useful. I used to have only one, which was at my office, but I missed the features so much when I was working from home that I purchased a second one. Smiley Sometimes the Logitech software crashes, but not too often and it's easy to restart it.

    They're fairly expensive - around $70, but keep an eye on or as they go on sale sometimes.

    The Logitech outlet store usually has factory refurbished ones for around 50% off, but they're currently out of stock. 

    (hope it's okay to post links to sites selling stuff?)

    @Herbie: You could easily do that yes. It even comes with a set of mini 'apps' which can be set to run on the LCD screen, including an RSS reader, so you could have it check channel9 for you and display the latest posts on the LCD!

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