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View Thread: Khan Academy introduces new CS curriculum
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    , Richard.Hein wrote

    Check out this interactive Turing Machine: Smiley

    Some of the lessons/code samples have videos, like this Hilbert Curve one. 

    @JohnAskew Where do we rally?  The internet? Wink  I don't know, but Khan Academy has a good reputation and excellent funding (i.e. Bill Gates).  I hope MSDN and C9 take a look at these ideas.

    @MasterPie Also cool, and targeting additional needs; I can imagine the best of both worlds combining in the future.


    Agree, I love Khan Academy and their new tools are great. We've been working on building developer content for Absolute Beginner series on Channel 9, and we'll continue to do so for Windows 8 and other topics. If there was a way to get an online IDE "for free" that could do interactive tutorials like Khan, that would definitely be something we would look at for things like the HTML5/CSS and JavaScript tutorials.