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View Thread: Kinect controls Windows 7
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    i'd really like to see scrolling in windows with kinect. having your elbow resting on the table or arm rest of the chair and being able to scroll. you could "grab" the page by entering a selection "plane" perpendicular to the screen, similar to the one of the first multi touch demos with kinect

    you could use the angle of the wrist [something that is definitly possible, even adventures does that] and ignore the spatial position of the hand.Then you could sit back in your chair and scroll through a long page.

    now what would be reaaally awsome is combining this with head tracking to effectivly move the interaction from the screen space into the users view space. basically that would make your finger the actual cursor, not something you drag a cursor around with..

    that would probably still be best for things like media center [and xbox] though, i think our fingers are generally to "fat" to replace a nimble cursor