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    I am a little disappointed by the pricing of the Kinect for Windows which was released today.

    The most expensive part of Kinect for Windows is paying the person who is going to develop an experimental technology, not the $250.

    That being the case, this should have been priced closer to free than $250 since there are no software titles for this unit at all.

    Mind you I work for huge mobile companies, and this is yet another pass after Windows 7 phone, because of a sticking point of some zealous executive. I literally have emails fly by my desk from execs at huge mobile companies saying how they're going to pass on Microsoft completely.

    Microsoft is acting and pricing like they are on top, and they're not. 1995 == gone.

    No reduced price for Bizspark either, plus the $60,000 of free Azure for Bizspark companies turned out to be a lie.

    Is it time to have another funeral for the non-existent competitor to the Kinect? Funeral for the PS Move maybe?